If my employer knew I spent a few hours a week, browsing my go-to show search website (showlistaustin.com), finding music I want to photograph, they’d be pissed. But I am glad I found this show at Stubbs Jr. on Saturday January 12th. You’ve probably seen my coverage at Stubbs outside, covering some large names, but did you know inside this BBQ joint, in a basement, theres a smaller venue with just as good music? Shit you not, and here’s what I saw.

I found this band called Lost Cosmos, found them on YouTube and BandCamp and was instantly hooked. This unknown band from Austin has this vibe that is contagious. Since I love music so much, and with Apple Music, I downloaded their album after 30 seconds of listening to them. I would describe their music as a soft alternative classic rock with a hint of a southern twang to it. And it is all brought together through the synth player, that isn’t overwhelming like most bands. These guys can sing about the most depressing shit, but the melody of their music makes it happy, and I don’t know how the fuck they do it. I doubt, actually know, very few have heard this band, but this is one I wouldn’t be surprised to hopefully make it big down the road. Check em out.

Following Lost Cosmos was this 3 piece band called Mrs. Glass. Mrs. Glass is actually a male singer with the thickest New York accent and even dressed like a classic mafia man. Backed by his bass and drum player also in a full on suit. I knew the type of music I was expecting to shoot and was thrilled, but live, my mind was fucking blown. I heard his New York accent and thought, how could this guy play the music he does? Imagine if Johnny Cash, Black Keys, and some heavy metal band, all fucked, you’d get their style of music. It is so raw and heavy. Another sexual metaphor, if honky tonk, blues, and rock fucked, this is their baby. I was blown away by their sound, and I couldn’t help but bob my head and tap my feet. I even forgot I was taking photos for a minute because I was encapsulated by their sound. One cool thing Mrs. Glass did when playing solos, was lift his leg, sit back relax and shred, like ripping a solo was just that natural for him. I will for sure see these guys again. And this may sound selfish, but I don’t want them to get big so I can continue to see them in intimate venues here in Austin.

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