“Side-Project” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the music industry and it is rather disingenuous to the musicians involved. Take Pond for example a Psychedelic rock band from Australia who has been releasing music since 2009 but have never been able to escape the “Tame Impala Side Project” tag. For those that don’t know, Tame Impala is one guy, Kevin Parker, But when he goes on tour he has a touring band of very talented musicians play the songs with him. Jay Watson plays the keyboard for Tame Impala, and plays The bass and the Keyboard for Pond. Pond Frontman and guitar player Nick Allbrook is a former touring member of Tame Impala but left the band in 2013 (on good terms I am assuming because Kevin Parker produced their newest album). Second guitarist Shiny Joe Ryan is also a member of the Tame Impala tour crew but in a different capacity, he is responsible for the stimulating visuals that accompany the shows.

All these people are in their own right amazing musicians and this is evidenced of the body of work that is Pond’s Discography. Their new album “The Weather” continues to build on their familiar sound but this album feels more complete in my personal opinion. The songs “Sweep Me Off My Feet” will get the crowd dancing and their song “30,000 Megatons” is a sobering reminder of the constant threat of nuclear apocalypse. Pond is a refreshing switch up to the psychedelic music scene because they can switch from these airy dance tracks to heavier guitar riffs in very short amount of time. Pond is not a “side-project” it is a collection of musicians and friends who’s talents can’t be contained or satisfied by being a part of only one band. I am a big fan of the new album and I had a blast covering the show.

Kirin J Callinan opened the show and it was one of the craziest opening sets i have ever seen. He brought out his younger brothers to play the drums, the accordion and keyboard. It must be a prerequisite for this family band to don very Australian looking, tight fitting clothes accompanies by some of the strangest haircuts every. In addition to bringing out his brothers, Kirin brought out someone “he just met on the internet” from Toronto to help him with a few songs. The entire group looked like a tripped out, half-baked 2k17 version of The Village People and it was fitting that they performed a song called S.A.D. (Song about Drugs).

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Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet

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