The moment Pokey LaFarge takes the stage, following close behind his bandmates, it’s quite difficult not to get directly sucked in to the world of the performers. With a style that’s simultaneously dapper and passé, one could only help to stare and smile in envy of his suave debonair. And as soon as the first note of that jazzy ragtime swing hits the ears, the remainder of the show is overpowered by one verb; Dance.

Pokey LaFarge @ Bowery Ballroom

In an age where music is being stretched to the edges of the digital horizon, there is comfort to be found in a musician like Pokey LaFarge. Bringing it back to the sweet-sounding roots of America. Illustrating how the roaring 20’s clearly endure the test of time.

Pokey LaFarge @ Bowery Ballroom

Luckily prohibition has since ended, allowing the alcohol to flow freely both on stage and off.

Pokey LaFarge @ Bowery Ballroom

LaFarge and his band are not only extremely talented musicians, but they quite possibly may also be this world’s first time-traveling musical act. It only felt appropriate to shoot them with the warm vintage tones their music embodies.

Check out the photos from the show above, and be sure to check out the new album Something In The Water. 

Setlist: Central Time Tease//Knocking Dust//Underground//Bowlegged//City Summer//Wanna Be Your Man//Actin A Fool//Barcelona//The Spark//Something In The Water//All Night Long//Let’s Get Lost//Devil Ain’t Lazy//Lala//Cairo//Closing The Door//Whiskey//Central Time//Far Away//Hard Time//Riverhead//Let’s Go Get Stoned

//writeup & photos by Brett Berman