Sleigh Bells has built something of its own universe in six short years. They emerged from the ether, slammed together in a Southside Billyburg big bang, mixed some dirty Jersey and post punk DNA in four forceful albums, signed to M.I.A.‘s N.E.E.T. Recordings and Mom + Pop Music, and even added a star into it’s orbit with Miya Folick.

Miya seems a purposely contrasting selection for Sleigh Bells direct support. Her Mazzy Starr-esque silken vocals and ethereal guitar could not be farther away from SB’s slamming, punk-procured percussive stylings. Perhaps the closest these two come to each other sonically is Miya’s “Pet Body”. But no matter- the two fit well last night. Do they work well together because they’re somewhat opposites, because they share some sort of matriarchal woman power? Probably it just works because the music does.

Last night they all popped into Union Transfer in Philadelphia to show their little brother to south some love. DMNDR’s Angel Park was in the crowd with her magic box, trying to put the lightning in a bottle. Check out SB’s alexis Krauss Surfing through Union Transfer as guitarist Derek Miller conducts the audience like an instrument-less orchestra from behind his axe. Their tour continues tonight in Cambridge before taking a break until San Diego in November. For more tour dates check heredsc_4081 dsc_4174  dsc_4185 dsc_4188 dsc_4196 dsc_4203 dsc_4217 dsc_4227 dsc_4232 dsc_4244 dsc_4304 dsc_4332 dsc_4338 dsc_4346 dsc_4377 dsc_4402 dsc_4374 dsc_4407 dsc_4413 dsc_4424 dsc_4438 dsc_4478 dsc_4530