Following the historic congressional hearing in which Comey basically confessed that the President of The Unites States is a thugish mob boss, we offer you this sweet sound to underscore and soundtrack your distaste for Agent Orange: Folk trubador Decker’s “Matchstick Man.”

The guitar-driven, blatantly Anti-Trump anthem is the first single off the Arizona songwriter’s forthcoming LP Into the Red, out August 25. The record summarizes his catalog of gritty Americana and rock, borrowing tracks from his last six studio albums and offering two new songs for your listening enjoyment. We covered Decker’s show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall in 2015 and weren’t worthy. Not for a second. Lead singer Brandon Decker and band took us to church with cerebral harmonies and aggressive instrumentation.
And make no mistake about it, this song is supposed to leave you hot and bothered. Decker shares, “The unfathomable moment Donald Trump was elected was palpably and significantly unsettling to the masses who are deeply opposed to the racism, sexism, xenophobia and overall ignorance Donald Trump has paraded around America for the last year – as well it should be. ‘Matchstick Man’ is written to be reminder that we as individuals and a collective have a strength that supersedes these man-made constructs and that we must stand strong, resist and take action immediately.”