A packed Friday night at one of Albany’s smallest venues, The Low Beat, had two power trio’s descend on to the stage and show that you can still get down and dirty to good old rock and roll. The Record Company, whose highly anticipated debut LP “Give It Back to You” comes out next Friday, were firing on all cylinders. Their blues swampy infused rock put the crowd right into their hands. Chris Vos constantly switched up guitars and kept the banter going between songs. His guitar playing was phenomenal all evening, with his voice coming right up behind in impressiveness. Alex Stiff held down the low end of the music while Marc Cazorla kept the songs moving forward. The feeling you get from watching the three of them work together is one of pure joy. Smiles were strewn on everyone’s faces throughout the venue while they danced along to the music. The Record Company have found a way to make the mix between blues and rock and roll sound new again and shouldn’t be missed as they will be touring the new album hard. Be sure to catch them in these small venues while you can because they won’t be there much longer.

Opening the evening was local genre bending The Further Unsound, who were also celebrating the release of a new album titled “Along For The Ride”. Matt, Sean, and Cole moved from quiet acoustic numbers to Floyd-esque jamming to metal and then back to pure rock and roll throughout their set. It was great to see a band welcome all these genres into their music and really take hold of each one. They will be touring throughout the Northeast soon and are also worth catching if they come to your neck of the woods. It’s not every night that you get to witness a couple of power trios that deliver, but at The Low Beat this past Friday night, it happened and it was glorious.