Modern era emo band Tigers Jaw visited Portland Friday. I grabbed my camera, threw on my shredded vans, and readied myself to hear some of my high school self’s favorite sad tunes. I was ecstatic due to knowing they were going to play some of their new songs off the record they dropped in May titled ‘Spin’, and they did not disappoint. Portland is keen to this type of music and the crowd made sure to show their appreciation. The lack of a camera pit meant I had to take a couple head kicks from crowd surfing fans in order to get the caliber of photos I am used to taking. All in all the welts and bruises were well worth it. Not only were the new jams played but also the older jams off their self titled record & their 2014 release ‘Charmer’. It was a fun night filled with loud singing and a rambunctious crowd. If you weren’t there check out the photos below and maybe you’ll realize not to miss them next time they stop in your city.

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